Seduction in a smoke-filled room

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  • 11:19

Beautiful brunette Gabriella Lati and Elizabeth L, a stunning babe with dark-blonde hair, are in a candlelit room, enjoying the pleasures of sex and smoking a shisha pipe. Both are topless in black pantyhose and, as they exhale the aromatic smoke, they share it mouth to mouth and blow it over each other's body. As they become increasingly horny, they kiss slowly and sensually, tongues tangling, and begin to caress and lick each other. Things soon heat up even more and, pert breasts quivering, they scissor, grinding their pussies together through their hose. Moaning, Gabriella sucks on Elizabeth's nipples and, as the blonde lies back on the couch, her feet get a little attention before Gabriella kisses her way up to bury her face between her thighs. At first, Gabriella nuzzles and licks her girl's pussy through the tautly stretched fabric of the hose, then they are removed and she laps at Elizabeth's naked, shaved pussy. The blonde moans with pleasure – then Gabriella sucks on the pipe and blows smoke over her snatch. Next, the pair switch positions. Gabriella is on her hands and knees on the couch, ass in the air. Elizabeth peels down Gabriella's pantyhose so she can knead and spank her naked butt-cheeks while she eats her slit and crack from behind. She also inhales the smoke then blows it over Gabriella's spit-wet, glistening asshole. Soon, the duo are in a sixty-nine on the rug, with Gabriella on top. As she tongues Elizabeth's shaved crotch, her fingers splay her butt cheeks. Then we get a sizzling-hot close-up of Elizabeth eating pussy, her tongue lashing Gabriella's fleshy folds and dipping deep between them. Finally they scissor naked, fingers a blur as they masturbate each other hard and fast. Moaning and breathing heavily they cum, rocking and humping their crotches together then melting into a passionate, affectionate embrace as the picture fades…


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