Step-Sister needs some help

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SEQUENCE opens on a Sshot of Jenny, an college-aged-yr-elderly female, as she bends up against the kitchen counter, forearms crossed, while her parents get well-prepped to leave for the day. As they weave around her collecting their things, her dad reiterates the building rules: no mates over, no fellows over, just a calm day alone. They will be back before midnight. Jenny spins her eyes and reminds them that she's legitimate, completely capable of being left on her own. Her mummy hugs her and tells her that she can always call her elder brother-in-law if she needs something. Jenny spins her eyes again and mutters 'step-brutha' under her breath. The parents say goodbye and Jenny sees them leave, a faux sneer on her face. As shortly as she hears the door close, her smirk turns into a smile and she struts over to the fridge. She bends in and begins pulling out various food items including a cucumber, a bag of carrots, and a pickle jar. She picks each one up and inspects them before lodging on a carrot. Nibbling her lip, she collects the rest of the food and ambles back to her room, closing the door. Gary, Jenny's elderly step-step-brother, sips a swallow with his acquaintance at a local pub when his smartphone begins gargling up. It's Jenny calling. At first-ever, Gary overlooks her but when she calls repeatedly, he excuses himself and answers the smartphone. She is hysterical, pleading her stepbro to come to the family mansion because of an emergency. Gary attempts to silent her down and understand what's happening, but the step-sister is in such a fright that he agrees to come right away, believing there has been a serious accident. He gets off the smartphone and rushes out of the club. CUT to Gary running into the family mansion. Everything is peaceful. He shrieks for his sister-in-law and, after a moment, hears her wailing from the back room. The concerned brutha storms down the hall and spills open the door, to detect his junior step-stepsister squatting in a corner ... dressed in only a brassiere. A carrot is stuffing out of her backside. Perplexed, he decorates his eyes and requests to know what's going on. Jenny pleads him to close the door and come in. She doesn't want anyone to know what's happened, but she needs his help. Gary, his arm still over his eyes, asks where their parents are. Jenny explains that they have gone out for the day and left her in charge of the mansion. She thought it might be joy to ... experiment ... while she was alone. Gary leisurely eliminates his arms from his face and gawps at his sister in law, as she hobbles and crawls toward him. 'What the hell did you do, sista?' He asks. She explains that she desired to know what buttfuck romp perceived like because all her mates are doing it. She thought if she attempted to experience herself then she wouldn't be frightened for the real thing. She heard about women using cucumbers, so she attempted to work herself up to that ... but now they're stuck. Gary looks appalled and uncomfortable, attempting to avoid looking at his sister in law in such a state. There is a lengthy muffle. 'What exactly did you put up inwards of you?' He mutters. Jenny buckles over and squeals, pleading her step-stepbro to just help her get them out and then he can lecture her later.

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