Surprising benefits of yoga

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April O'Neil is in her living guest room preparing for an afternoon yoga class. When Georgia Jones calls her from the road saying her she's going to be late, April contemplates what she could do to cram the time. Pondering for a moment, she bods she could wring in a torrid yoga sesh before her customer gets there. She turns the warmth up and takes off her clothes cuz it's go time. After a duo of mins of spreading she sits down and embarks rubbin' herself. She bods that since she's all heated up maybe she can get herself off before Georgia arrives. When Georgia ambles in on her, April is funked and responds by pulling her down next to her. Attempting to coat up what she was doing, Georgia is well aware that she was having an individual moment by herself. April coaxes her that she was just doing super-hot yoga and that perhaps she would like to attempt it. Georgia, who's still confused at the fact that her tutor is nude, doesn't have a opportunity to react. Before she knows it, April is stripping her. She commences rubbin' her shoulders, moving her palms down to her baps. Georgia wonders if this is part of the curriculum, but April reminds her of the strained morning she's had and that she is worth to relieve up a lil'. Georgia hesitates but can't help sensing flattered. When the gals embark smooching, it seems that their yoga sesh is now just a distant memory.

Models: April O'Neil, georgia jones

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