What rich people usually do

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Four bubbly, flirty girls in tight dresses and heels get together for sexy fun in Andrej Lupin's wild “House Party.” As episode three begins, hot blonde Lovita Fate and sultry brunette Morgan Rodriguez kiss avidly, moving to the bedroom as their passion grows. Freckled cutie Lovita is soon stripped down to her lingerie and stockings, with Morgan sucking hard on her perfect breasts. Morgan tugs down Lovita's panties, spreads her thighs and licks her pierced pussy, making her squeal with pleasure. Lovita hold her legs back by her ears as Morgan's tongue and fingers delve into her juicy slit, and she shudders through an intense orgasm as Morgan laps at her clit and finger bangs her relentlessly. Morgan gets naked and straddles Lovita's pretty face, grinding her shaved pussy down onto her new lover's probing tongue as she reaches back to diddle the insatiable blonde's pussy. She perches on the bedstead so Lovita can finger-fuck her while sucking her clit, then turns around and spreads her cheeks for the perky blonde to lick her asshole while frigging her pussy. The horny sensations build until Morgan orgasms with a delighted giggle, her body shaking uncontrollably.


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